How we go about our work

Sharing the journey
to sustainable business practices

Our approach

First and foremost, we work systematically. We give you an insight into your company’s energy situation and provide information on opportunities for making savings, using energy in smarter ways and possibilities for having your own renewable energy supply.


If you want to take things a step further, ecoWise will be happy to help you effectively implement your sustainability plan by requesting quotes from our quality partners, comparing those quotes and drawing up a high-level plan of execution.


We don’t carry out project follow-up, in the sense of following up implementation. We leave that instead to the relevant specialists.

Intake interview

Physical visit

Personal expert advice + advisory report


Initiate implementation

What goes into drawing up the ecoWise advisory report?

Everything starts with a visit to your company’s premises. During that visit, the energy consultant will gather information to get the best possible idea of your activities, your business premises, your energy-guzzlers and your plans for the short and medium terms.
Our consultant will use that information to draw up tailored energy advice. It takes about three weeks on average to provide you with the energy advisory report and to discuss it together.

What does the ecoWise energy advisory report entail?

ecoWise draws up a clear report for your company, prompting you to think about the following questions:


  • Where can you save on your energy consumption?
  • How can you be energy smart and why?
  • What are the opportunities for having your own renewable energy supply?


We also explain the key technical and legislative rules for each topic and the support available (conditions for receiving grants). We work out the payback period for the largest investment items, enabling you to set the right priorities going forward.


In order to arrive at solutions, the ecoWise energy consultant explores all possible options, including medium-voltage cabinets, heat pumps, ‘traditional’ heating systems, cooling systems, heat recovery, lighting, charging infrastructure, compression, solar panels, batteries, wind turbines and energy management systems.

What goes into drawing up the ecowise quote?

Requesting quotes requires specific knowledge and time. ecoWise is more than happy to take this work off your hands. Our consultant requests our partner ‘Impact us today’ for quotes relating to the items you have selected from the energy advisory report. Those quotes are then summarised in a clear report, enabling you to evaluate in an informed and transparent way which solution or supplier is best for you.

What does the ecoWise quote entail?

You receive a summary of the quotes that were requested and screened by the energy consultant. You can then compare these quotes on their merits, which is done schematically.


If the prices in the quotes differ significantly from the standard prices in the advisory report, we review the payback period in the quote. We check for you whether the grant aspects remain covered and/or whether additional rules apply.


In a final section of the quote, we show you schematically in which order you should start to implement the investments. It is essential to know when you are allowed to do what (for instance, network study, roof stability study and grant applications).